Miriam Reer Verhaltenstherapie Prenzlauer Berg

Focus of my Work

My emphasis lies in the treatment of depression, burn-out syndrome, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychosomatic problems, questions of sexual and gender identity, problems in relationships, sexual problems, eating disorders, personality disorders, self-worth problems, psychogenic pain, fears of sickness, traumas, sleeping disorders, grief, work disorders, personal and professional life crises.

The range of therapeutic methods is wide and treatment strategies are carefully adapted to your individual needs. Therapy is always more than just the treatment of a diagnosis.
However, here are some typical reasons for starting therapy:

Are you no longer as content / as joyful as you used to be, do you suffer from loss of energy or feel hopeless almost every day? In my practice I focus on the treatment of depression. I use cognitive-behavioural techniques, schema therapy (Young), relaxation therapy and the CBASP-approach (McCullough).

The burnout-syndrome is a special form of depression, which is characterized by excessive labour and exhaustion. I specialize in the treatment of burnout-syndrome. These treatments include, among others, the mindfulness based cognitive therapy approach (Kabat-Zinn), emotion-focused therapy (Greenberg) as well as various stress-management techniques (Kaluza).

Do fears, washing or control obsessions take over your daily life? Are you unable, for example, to travel around the city by yourself any longer, do you suffer from sudden panic attacks or do you feel the need to repeat certain rituals again and again? I am an expert in confrontation / exposition therapy, which has proved to be a highly effective method in the treatment of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Do you or a person close to you suffer from a bodily disease, do you experience recurring pain or fears of sickness? Through my longstanding work in the rehabilitation of back pain, intestinal disease, heart diseases, cancer and psychosomatic problems, I have garnered a broad knowledge in the fields of bio-psycho-social medicine, coping with a disease, relaxation therapy, psychological pain therapy and special therapy approaches of somatoform disorders.